About Us

India Trading srl was constituted in 2000 and is engaged in the importation and distribution of  multi ethnic food products in Italy and Europe, including from India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Thailand.


We also export italian food and beverage around the world, offering a complete service of product search, consulting and logistics with a database that contains over 500 of the best italian producers. The company has seen exponential growth in the vibrant food sector over the past years. India Trading srl prides itself on its ability to be flexible in a market place where customers are continually demanding a more diverse and exotic product range and service. Whilst originally specialising in Indian products we now offer a vast range of multi ethnic food products to satisfy our expanding and inquisitive client base, always maintaining client service and satisfaction as the key to our future growth.


The company is situated in Pero (MI) about 15 minutes from the centre of Milan and within easy access to all the main motorway arteries around the periphery of Milan. In addition to offering a nationwide distribution service throughout Italy and an export service for our own brands throughout Europe, we also offer our clients a cash and carry service from our warehouses in Pero. At India Trading Srl we understand the ethos of the service industry and the requirement to provide the highest standards of service and products for our clients.


We invite you to sample our product range and embrace the India Trading experience which will take you to the next level of client interaction through our recently implemented e-commerce on line service.

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